martes, 16 de febrero de 2010

Keep Smiling Eventually You'll Get Shot.

When i started thinking about writing this post(i decided the title a week ago), I had two different phenomena in mind. The first phenomenon was the fact that i find annoying those cameras that take a picture when a person smiles; i feel raped everytime somebody makes me smile so that he, or she, can take a picture of me. So the first time i met one of those cameras i felt like a raping machine had been created just for me. Why would be important enough to post about it in this blog? I don't know, I just think that making people smile is a waste of humanity, what about the pain, the meditative pose, the guy with a bow and a serious look in his face. I'm ok with fooling a camera every now and then, but not always, and not because a shitty camera wants me to lie to it.

The other phenomenon is the fact that western civilization seems to be in love with criminals, and now more than never. In Colombia where i live, this is truth in a very special way, we fell in love with gangsters, with their hitmen and hitwomen, with the women who exchange their bodies for money, a good work, or protection, with their histories, aesthetic and their egos. We just want to see them everywhere everytime, in the movies, in the tv, in the books. And we seem to have a good reason, we say we just want to understand them, to know how they became what they are, so that we can stop other people to follow the crime road. But it's all BS, we are making their work seem normal, understandable, forgivable, we are trying to convince ourselves it's all ok as long as they don't come knocking to our door. We are making them a part of our society, a cool looking part of it, and they will come to our door. You just keep smiling at their adventures, eventually they'll come for you, or you mother, your father, your brother, your little boy or girl.

As i said i just wanted to write about the previous phenomena, but today i saw something really interesting, this. Bing Maps when working with flickr, videos and other applications, are an amazing way of seeing the many cities we live in. And reminds me of Big Brother, you know the all-seeing eye, the all-hearing ear, and intimate mouth that speaks in everyone`s ear.So just in case, look for cameras when in the street and keep smiling, eventually you'll get shot by someone.

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